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PickleweedPaul Live

PickleweedPaul appears regularly, & sporadically too, at several North Bay music venues including the HopMonk Tavern in Novato and the famous Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley.  Now & then recordings from these appearances will be added to this page.  (The portable recording device can get bumped or brushed or otherwise interfered with sometimes; you may notice some noise or clipping here & there.) 


The Ballad of the Yarmouth Castle                    by Gordon Lightfoot

Performed at the Sweetwater, Mill Valley              {Actual time = 5:57}

* *

A Simple Song of Freedom                        by Bobby Darin                   

Performed at the HopMonk, Novato                         {Actual time = 5:39}

* *

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?                    by Pete Seeger

Performed at Fusion Friday, Vallejo                                {Actual time = 6:38}

* *

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho                              

Performed at the HopMonk, Novato (12-7-16)             {Actual time = 3:06}

 The Spinnin’ of the World                                 by John Stewart          

                                                                       Performed at Peri’s, Fairfax                                     {Actual time = 2:18}

A Very Unfortunate Man                                    by Jimmy Driftwood          

Performed at Peri’s, Fairfax                                     {Actual time = 3:41}

* * * 

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PickleweedPaul will play at your event anywhere in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Please contact me.


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